Duncan Zacks Garden Design offers a professional garden and landscape design service that is based in Reading, Berkshire, and operates throughout the south of England. Our design service ranges from small private projects such as re-designing beds or borders, through to large commercial landscaping projects and country estate planning. In addition to the garden design service, we offer consultation, project management, planting, specialist pruning and full garden maintenance services.

"My aim is to not only create a garden design that is aesthetically pleasing and within a set budget, but to create planting schemes that challenge the senses, and outdoor areas that welcome you in. I firmly believe that a garden is not just for looking at, to be sucessful it must open itself up to be enjoyed by people through touch, sight and smell, and always be exciting no matter what month or season."


"I always strive to work with the existing setting to enhance the landscape and allow your property to find its space within it, whether it is traditional or modern, in a town or in the country."


"With a strong attention to detail and a focus on high quality  craftsmanship, I work with a number of specialists in different fields of expertise so that the end product is always of the highest standard"

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